Alloy Wheel Repairs

The team here at Wheel Gods are specialists at repairing alloy wheels for all makes and models of car.

Whether your wheels need a minor cosmetic repair of a full refurbishment, we’ll make sure they look brand new again.

Once we’ve finished, your car will look better than when it first left the showroom. Your complete satisfaction, guaranteed.

What Is Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Whether your alloys have a small scratch, some dents or much more severe damage, perhaps caused by curbing, our repair team can help.

Our process for alloy wheel repairs works like this:

We assess the wheels for their repair viability

If okay to repair, we begin the damage removal process which includes a variety of specialist sanding and filling techniques.

Depending what you’ve requested or we’ve advised, we complete the process of painting and finishing the wheels to ensure perfection and no future defects.

Your alloy wheels are fully restored and you’re good to go!

Our experience means you’ll benefit from the very latest in SMART wheel repairs and full alloy wheel refurbishment. From annoying scuffs through to cracked rims, we’ll provide the right solution to make your wheels shine again.

We also carry out diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment and ​ALLOY WHEEL COLOUR CHANGE services too. Whether you want to have damaged wheels repaired or a fresh new look for your alloys, Wheel Gods have got you covered.

Buckled Wheel Repair

When consistently driving over uneven surfaces you might find your car wheel has developed a buckle. Replacing buckled wheels can be expensive so we recommend getting the damaged alloy straightened out. A service we provide here at Wheel Gods.

Leaving a buckled wheel untreated is not only dangerous but can also lead to more (expensive) damage to your car. Damage doesn't just happen to the alloy and tyres. In fact leaving a buckled wheel untreated will eventually damage your cars suspension and even the steering. 

We know that buckled wheels are not always easily noticed in the beginning. However you can be on the lookout for certain indicators! These could be:

  • Abnormal car vibrations
  • Shaky and unsteady steering wheel
  • Visible dents and damage
  • Uneven tyre wear.

If you find a buckle on any of your alloy wheels then we urge you to get them fixed as soon as possible. Bring your car down to see our team and we can happily straighten out any concerning dents your wheels might have!

4 rusted steel alloy wheels before
Repaired and refurbished steel alloy wheel with white colour change after
Alloy wheel on car with dent on top of the wheel before
Repaired dented alloy wheel after

How Much Do Alloy Wheel Repairs Cost?

The severity of your wheel damage, along with how many wheels need to be refurbished, will impact the overall cost of your alloy repair. Whether you have a car or van, used for business or pleasure, our team will fully assess your wheels and provide the right advice.

Whether you have some scuffs, chips or scratches that need SMART repair, or cracked rims in need of a full refurbishment, we’ll provide competitive prices with a key focus on great service and customer satisfaction.

With many years experience and use of the latest repair service techniques, your wheels will have a high quality finish and truly excellent results. One thing’s for sure; choose Wheel Gods to carry out your repairs and we’ll treat your vehicle as though it was our own.

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Areas We Cover…

Our friendly team of wheel repair experts are based locally in Bolton. Being based out of Burnden Industrial Estate on Manchester Road, we’re easy to get to from local areas such as Bury, Radcliffe, Little Lever, Farnworth, Breightmet and Astley Bridge, amongst others.

Our reputation for quality precedes us too; we’ve even had people bring their cars and wheels to us from further afield including Darwen, Blackburn, Preston, Salford and many other parts of Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Based in the North West and being one of the UK’s leading alloy wheel refurbishment specialists, we’ll guarantee the best wheel repairs, hard-wearing powdercoat finishes and your complete satisfaction.

Call our team to see how we can help restore your wheels.

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