Alloy Wheel Straightening

The team at Wheel Gods are experienced alloy wheel refurbishment specialists, offering high quality buckled alloy wheel straightening to the highest standards.

What is alloy wheel straightening?

Alloy wheel straightening is where damaged or buckled metal on alloy wheels are heated and reformed to the correct shape using specialist hydraulics machines.

If you experience vibrations or shaking from your steering wheel, or excessive tyre wear, it is likely that you have a buckled alloy wheel.

Does wheel straightening work?

Yes, wheel straightening does work. As long as the structural integrity of the wheel is not compromised, the wheel will be able to be straightened and put back into service.

This applies to both steel and aluminium alloy wheels, however, repairing aluminium alloy wheels is more cost effective.

Can a slightly buckled alloy wheel be repaired?

Yes, buckled alloy wheels can be repaired even if they are only slightly bent out of shape. Alloy wheels can become buckled in many ways, such as from hitting a kerb or a pothole - straightening them is one of the most common forms of repair for a buckled alloy wheel. 

It’s cheaper than a replacement and, in most cases, it is fixed within the same day. To ensure a high quality of service, you’ll need to visit a reputable specialist, such as the team at Wheel Gods. 

Not every garage will repair and straighten a buckled alloy wheel as it requires specialist hydraulic equipment. Our team of highly trained and experienced hydraulic mechanics will be able to ensure a perfect finish every time. 

Get in touch with our team and book in for alloy wheel straightening.

How do alloy wheels bend and become damaged?

Damaged and bent alloy wheels are usually caused by some form of impact to the wheel. This can occur in many ways, such as by hitting or driving over:

  • Deep potholes

  • High kerbs

  • Speed bumps

  • Rough or loose road surfaces

Alloy wheels are unfortunately less durable than other types of wheels, such as steel, so being aware of the conditions you are driving on is important.

How does alloy wheel straightening work?

Alloy wheel straightening works by heating the wheel to extremely high temperatures to soften the metal. 

  1. The tyre is removed to check for cracks and buckles, as well as being measured to mark any uneven areas. 

  1. The wheel is then heated to a high temperature.

  1. Once the metal is malleable, the hydraulic press is used to fix uneven points and straighten the alloy.

  1. The tyre will then be fitted back on and balanced.

If any significant cracks or scratches are found upon initial inspection, we may have to repair those before we can straighten your alloy to avoid compromising on strength and integrity.

We also offer alloy wheel repair services, so we can easily improve the conditions of your alloys through smaller repairs if applicable, before we straighten them.

How much does it cost to have a wheel straightened?

In order to establish how much a repair for a buckled alloy wheel would cost, we would first need to assess the severity of the damage. We would also need to check if there are any additional repairs that may need to be undertaken beforehand.

We’ll always provide a high standard of service, alongside our competitive prices. 

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How can I tell if my alloy wheel is buckled?

It is important that you recognise the signs of a buckled wheel so that you can be safe whilst driving, as well as knowing when to bring your car to us for alloy wheel straightening. 

Clear signs of a buckled alloy wheel include:

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Tracking feels like its out
  • The steering wheel starts vibrating when you exceed a certain speed
  • Loss of pressure, like a slow puncture
  • Poor steering performance

If you are unsure if your alloy is damaged, feel free to contact us and we’ll take a look for you. 

Do I need to buy a replacement wheel if my alloy is buckled?

No, you do not need to buy a replacement if your alloy is buckled (most of the time).

Simply allow us to straighten it for you for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel. We will inform you if the damage is too severe to be repaired.

Will the strength of the wheel be affected by alloy wheel repair?

No, alloy wheel repair and straightening will not affect the strength of your wheel. You shouldn’t worry about this unless the damage is very significant, or you have already had multiple repairs on one alloy.

However, further damage to a previously straightened alloy wheel can affect the overall wheel strength, so you’ll need to be extra careful when driving on poor road conditions. 

How long does alloy wheel straightening take?

It usually takes around X to straighten an alloy wheel and refit it. We’ll aim to get your alloy wheels straightened within this time, but this will be dependent on how severe the damage is.

Either way, you’ll be back on the road before you know it with our expert team!

Is it safe to drive with a bent alloy wheel?

No, a bent or damaged wheel can be very dangerous to drive on as your steering and suspension may be compromised. Driving on damaged wheels can also cause further damage to your vehicle. 

What shall I do if I have a bent alloy wheel?

If you notice that you have a bent or damaged alloy wheel, you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible. 

If you continue driving on it, you may cause more damage to the wheel and your vehicle, and will eventually need it replaced which can be expensive. 

For an expert opinion, contact our team today to find out what the best options are for your buckled or damaged wheel. 

Where can I have my alloys straightened?

For specialist assistance with alloy wheel buckles, repairs and straightening services, contact Wheel Gods today.

We offer premium alloy straightening services at affordable prices. Fill out our contact form for a quote now!